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Lit Review 2- the ‘Cure’ for Adolescent Drug Abuse: Worse than the Problem? Author- Stanton Peele Peele argues against a study that was preformed by Oetting and Beauvais. Oetting and Beauvias state that adolescent drug and alcohol abuse is a disease, but only focus on the physical dependence of the addict and neglects the psychological dependence or those adolescents who are predisposed to addiction. Also, they say that even the most casual of user is an addict, and if he or she says that he or she does not have a problem, then he or she is indeed an addict and are in denial. Oetting and Beauvias conclude that the only cure for “addicts” is for therapy in a rehabilitation facility. Peele states that when “addicts” admit that they indeed have a problem, they will most
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Unformatted text preview: likely relapse because very few adolescents abstain from drugs and alcohol forever. Also, he believes that it takes more then the occasional use of drugs and/or alcohol does not make an addict. Addiction takes longer to become apparent in an individual. And he says that the “scare tactics” of Oetting and Beauvais will cause more adolescents to become users. Peele concludes that the only real ‘cure’ for drug and alcohol abuse in adolescents is prevention. He feels that if adolescents are properly informed about the effects of abuse they will be less likely to partake or abuse drugs and alcohol....
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