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Lit Review 4 - program where the adolescent is matched to...

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Lit Review 4- Alcohol & drug abuse: adolescent substance abuse treatment: where do we go from here? Author- Yifrah Kaminer, M.D. Dr. Kaminer presents the fact that substance abuse and general use has been increasing over the years. He says that the rise has been due to the fact that there are very poor educational programs for adolescents, to teach them the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. Kaminer believes that programs for adolescents should take some of the empirical information that is acquired from the adult programs and those results and be molded for the benefit of the adolescents. Dr. Kaminer wants more substance abuse programs to work through the Project MATCH
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Unformatted text preview: program, where the adolescent is matched to his or her correct program plan, that would best support them through his or her time in treatment. The reason to do this is to measure the severity of the addiction and to address and the aspects of the adolescent’s life that would lead him or her to substance abuse. Kaminer states that the rate of aftercare for adolescents is far less effective than for adults, mainly because the aftercare for adolescents is not long enough. For treatment to be affective and for the adolescent’s chances of relapse to be less, then the aftercare needs to be given longer....
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