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Lit Review 5- Drugs and the Bible Author- Steve Rudd Rudd describes our society today as a drug dependent one. He says that people today are turning towards drugs and other chemicals to deal with their problems. But by doing this, they are making their problems worth, and if not, they are not improving them. Rudd believes that the only way to fix our problems, and our problems with drug and alcohol abuse, is to trust in God’s love. He reminds us that God gave us our bodies to use to the glory and praise of Him. Rudd gives six steps that he gives to people he meets with who suffer form substance
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Unformatted text preview: abuse of some sort. He tells them to think positively, fill the voids in their lives with the joy of the Lord, get involved with their community and churches, discipline themselves so they do not relapse, become their own person and not depend on others to define who they are, and to turn to God in prayer with every conflict that they have. With these guilds in place it would be hard for someone to not deal with their problems. And if we live according to God’s will, we will not want to partake in activities such as excessive drug and alcohol use....
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