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Lit Review 3 - related crimes leaving the less serious...

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Lit Review 3- Drug Addiction and Juvenile Justice Author- Glida Scardaccione Scardaccione researched how adolescents who are drug addicts and have committed drug related crimes are treated once they are in the Italian judicial system. What the author came to discover is that there are no set rules for the treatment and processing of adolescents. The juvenile offenders are processed by the rules set for adult drug users with drug related crimes that are just slightly modified. Depending on the type of drug that was being used was able to predict the severity of the offence. The more mild the drug, the less serious the crime, and the harder the drug, the more likely the crime was more sever and more likely to be involved in an organized crime related event. Most of the adolescent offenders were put in therapeutic rehabilitation facilities and offered help over their addictions. But this only pertained to those who had committed serious drug
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Unformatted text preview: related crimes, leaving the less serious offenders out of treatment. Scardaccione purposed that the judicial system should differentiate programs for adults and juvenile offenders. Adolescents need more direct methods of therapy that correlate with both the drug abuse but also with their home lives. They need more after-care, to help make sure that they do not relapse into using once they are back in their normal environments. But the harder the drug that is being used the more action should be done. The author purposes that before an adolescent be administered into a therapeutic program, he or she must first go through a detoxification treatment. Also, the author concludes that adolescent addiction can be lessened by more information being given in school and in the home about the dangers and consequences for drug abuse....
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