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Terms for Final Totem -An animal a plant or an object considered related to a kin group and viewed as sacred. Ritual - a secular or sacred formal, solemn act, observance, or procedure in accordance with prescribed rules or customs. It can include religious rites or rites of passage. An example would be Confirmation for Catholicism or a Bat Mitzvah or Bar Mitzvah for Judaism. Ancestor -Worship -A religion practice involving the worship of the spirits of dead family and lineage members. Ceremony - a formal act or set of acts established by custom as proper to a special occasion, such as a religious rite. The Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace in London is an example of a ceremony. It may have religious significance or personal cultural significance. Another example may be a wedding. Chador - In Iran a long capelike form of women's dress that usually does not cover the face literally means tent. Charisma -Personal leadership qualities that endow an individual with the ability to attract followers often this quality of leadership is attributed to divine intervention. Clan -A unilineal descent group based on a fictive ancestor. Cosmology - a theory or view of the nature of the universe, including humans’ place in it. The study of the Universe through religion, science, philosophy, and esotericism. Used modernly first in 1730 in Christian Wolff’s Cosmologia Generalis . Cult - an imprecise term, generally used as a pejorative to describe an often loosely organized group possessing special religious beliefs and practices. Cultural Relativism -The concept that any given culture must be evaluated in terms of its own belief system. Culture - The integrated total of learned behavior that is characteristic of members of a society. Diaspora -The dispersion of scattering of a population. Today, peoples that have migrated In large numbers across the glove but who retain some sense of community of common identity—for example, the African diaspora, the South Asian diaspora, and, historically, the Jewish diaspora. Divination -The process of contacting the supernatural to find an answer to a question regarding the cause of an event or to foretell the future. Emic -Shared perceptions of phenomena and ideology by members of a society; insiders view. Ethnography -A branch of anthropology dealing with the scientific description of individual cultures. A study of culture and cultural processes that uses multiple ways to research, observe, and document people, events, or artifacts. See fieldwork. Ethnology -A detailed anthropological description of a culture. Etic -An outsiderss observers viewpoint a society's phenomena or ideology., Exorcism -The driving away of evil spirits by ritual. Fetish
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Document - Terms for Final Totem-An animal a plant or an...

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