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essay questions - Essay Questions The essays should be...

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Essay Questions The essays should be legible, written in a concise manner with special attention paid to style. Make sure to answer all parts of the question you are responding to. Put the number of the question you are responding to at the top of the essay page. For the most part the essay questions will ask you to summarize important points of class readings. Further, you will be asked to give your opinions about the arguments presented in the readings. You must present clear and coherent arguments in supporting your position. I am providing you with some sample essay questions. This list of essay questions is not exhaustive but is only meant to provide you an idea about the subjects covered in the questions. According to Clifford Geertz, what are some of the drawbacks of the existing approaches to studying “religion”? What is the historical background into studying “primitive religions” and why were the so-called “primitive societies” the focus of studying religion? What are the major approaches Geertz focuses on his essay? Enumerate them and give a detailed description of one of these approaches to studying religion. What is the importance of studying “myth” in our understanding of the religious activities of various societies? According to Leonard and McClure, what type of answers does the study of myth offer to our understanding of religion? How do these authors define “myth”? How many approaches do the authors examine in the study of “myth” or “mythology”? List the major theorists of “myth” who have advocated unique approaches to studying human societies. Choose one of these approaches to “myth” and describe the approach and its major proponent. Myths are ancient stories which helps us to understand who were are, where we are going and our interactions. It is based upon religion. Why should we study myths? It is to see what is embedded within the stories. It goes across cultures and boundaries and shed light on societies. Myths embody certain cultural attitudes and preferences. It helps us to come up with answers to areas which haven’t being studied before.
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It is also known as a written and oral culture. Living myths are evolved and are collected in volumes. The myth and ritual school explains where a certain myth comes from and the content of myth. Malanowski believes that myths are not symbolic but are direct expression of the subject matter and could be observed. It could influence people’s social and political behavior. Myths can be used to raise people from oppressive forces. People use myths to emancipate themselves. Space, time, objects are seen in binary or opposing relationships. [Lecture Notes] What do we understand by the nation of “taboo” in a society? How do “taboos” function over a period of time? According to Mary Douglas, what does the study of “taboo”
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essay questions - Essay Questions The essays should be...

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