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-1 CSC 111: Old Personal Computers By: Kristen Cooper Topic What to do with old Personal Computers Introduction In class, I posed the question as to what one should do with old used computers. This is the topic I chose for my paper. In this paper I will discuss options for the use or disposal of old personal computers. Body There are many options if you have an old personal computer you would like to get rid of. There are many options for recycling the personal computer or even taking it apart and recycling its parts. If the recycling options presented do not suit your needs, disposal is another option. However proper disposal is important, and will be discussed in this paper. Options for recycling include but are not limited to: learn a new operating system, turn it into a firewall or router, make a dedicated media station, create a retro arcade, make a game server, learn how to build a computer, strip it and sell the parts, or even donate it. One could download Linux to their old computer to learn how Linux works. You could turn your old personal computer into a firewall or router for other systems on the network. One could turn an old personal computer into a dedicated media station, where the personal computers purpose only deals with media files. You could download old arcade game or any games onto your personal computer and create a game station.
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