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10/12/06 Ugetsu Takes place before Tokagawa period, stability in the feudal class—movie more period of civil war, transition Often focuses on the samurai, but the role of women who are raped or killed in the role between peasants or artisans and their sons Contemporary source, the changing role of women in contemporary society New constitution extended voting rights, property rights, and divorce to women in 1947 Neither film includes the female protagonist in the resolution, more about men resolving Mizoguchi influenced by European film and expressive techniques Depicted natural and supernatural world divided by class lines Sex across class lines that initiates the ghost stories, encounter between natural and supernatural expresses the encounter between class lines Women and ghost, which is noble? Concern for persecuted women versus the problems of men Women become destroyed victims of society in ‘20s, then become more resilient during this time One scene, one shot method—not cutting within a scene, he is foregrounding the action rather
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