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Tuesday March 13, 2007 TV as Bad Object III “The Truman Show” 1998 Postmodernism: Indulgence in the pastiche, critiquing one self/no superior position Fragmentation of identity (and in sense reality and morality) Reflexivity “virtual reality” Relativity of truth- “what’s out there isn’t any more real than what’s in here” “It’s not fake, it’s just controlled” Inauthentic authenticity Aware of how the movie is manipulating the audience (music swells, scripted speech, “hero shot”) Obsession with security in the pre-9/11 world God-like figure, Christoph thinks of himself as a an artist of high culture, but it is low culture (television); creates a blurring of the lines Reality is reduced to representation Privacy no longer exists; public and private are the same
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Unformatted text preview: Narcississm- everything revolves around the person in an artificial way Television is ubiquitous Puts together woman through images, fragmentation Brechtian alienation statement Ambiguous final shot—“what else is on?” STAY TUNED Perhaps a new paradigm shift with the beginning of the Internet State of flux and disarray now Merge and cooperate to earn more capitalist profit, increase profits every year Conflicts between democratized Internet media and capitalist interests “Everything bad is good for you”- book about television making you smarter Adapting and co-opting global media forms, cultural hybridity “the best and the worst of time” SCHIZOPHRENIC...
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