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unit V - Coastal regions are most often associated with...

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Coastal regions are most often associated with tectonic activities and dependent on the activity in the coastal regions we name them passive or active plate margins. In order to have a large succession of undisturbed sediments, it is important to have a tectonic setting which is stable. Coasts are the regions where oceanic plates meet continental crust and if there is active subduction activity going on the coast we call it active margin whereas if there is no present tectonic activity we call it passive margin. In the Pacific Northwest, subducts beneath the North American plate make the coasts unstable. This creates a concept in which freshly deposited sediments are continuously in process of being reworked with some of it being subducted and some of it being washed off from accretionary wedge at subduction boundary. In the case of the New England coast, it has been stable for millions of years and the sediments are deposited on top of each other preserving in a huge pile. Therefore, the best place to drill is on the New England Coast.
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