5-10-07 Cinema in Denmark

5-10-07 Cinema in Denmark - Cinema in Denmark 10 May 2007...

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Cinema in Denmark 10 May 2007 Driving with Greenland Dogs (1897, Peter Elfet) First screenings in Copenhagen with Edison and Lumiere film—French film became most dominant industry in the country Royal Court photographer who decided he wanted to make films, an engineer recreated the Lumiere camera when they wouldn’t sell, made this: the first Danish film Over the next fifteen years made 100s of short documentary films, always secondary to his work as a photographer Ole Olsen (1863-1943) Started working as a cameraman for French companies, in 1906 created Nordisk film company first and most important, advanced studios, distributing and exhibiting throughout the Northern Europe countries Films gained certain sense of greatness; he was in charge of the company and was major director Decided at a point to only make feature films when features came into fashion 1916-1917, went into tailspin during WWI, operations in other countries were bought up Opium Dreams (1914, Holger Madsen) Worked for Nordisk started in 1912, became most important director in the company Very much interested in spiritual topics, opulent sets and cinematography executed with great care, stylist- composed his shots carefully Haxan aka Witchcraft Through the Ages (1920, Benjamin Christensen) Worked all over the map, like most Danish directors Anti-clerical, Freudian angle, burned as a witch
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5-10-07 Cinema in Denmark - Cinema in Denmark 10 May 2007...

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