4-17-07 French New Wave

4-17-07 French New Wave - French New Wave 17 April 2007...

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French New Wave 17 April 2007 French have resisted American influence from Hollywood since the beginning Pre-WWI era, 1930s poetic realism, French New Wave 1959-1961 Period of crisis, films were too expensive and couldn’t be popular in domestic markets Shot on the streets, young actors, Renaissance films and filmmakers Influence French film history over decades Repas de bebe (1896, Louis Lumiere) Lumiere Brothers credited with the invention of film going back to April 1895 Cinematograph, Edison Kinetoscope 1893 First screening to a paying audience of motion pictures, Dec. 1895, 10 short films (about a minute in length), camera could film and project at the same time Sent cameraman around the world, became the first documentarians, eventually gave up in favor of color photography Voyage dans la lune (1902, Georges Melies) Magician who believed that film could do tricks, magic films, transformations, etc. (close to 100) Started creating narrative films, including fantastical science fiction film, made about 400 films Became a pauper in the teens Les Vampires (1915, Louis Feuillade) Pathe and Goulemande dominate European and American markets, established studios in the United States 1909-1911 WWI kills the French film industry due to fighting in Europe and being cut off from their markets, serials were an exception and were extremely popular French surrealists loved these serials because they had no logic and ridiculousness Napoleon (1927, Abel Gance) Dominated by smaller independent producers severely undercapitalized, filmmakers with artistic vision (many critics included) were given much power over their films Epic length film, beginning of the avant garde, greatest experiment of the silent era
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4-17-07 French New Wave - French New Wave 17 April 2007...

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