4-19-07 French Cinema after 1960

4-19-07 French Cinema after 1960 - French Cinema after 1960...

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French Cinema after 1960 19 April 2007 Identified with the New Wave since the movement, younger filmmakers complain they aren’t getting their due Female directors become popular in the ‘80s and ‘90s A great majority of foreign films never enter America because of protections Hollywood has set up, only about 3-5 films per year only in major cities In the ‘50s and ‘60s, art houses and colleges showed foreign films, but that doesn’t exist very much anymore Economically French film is extremely popular, Pathe owned MGM for a time in the ‘90s, Vivendi owned Universal Vivre sa vie (1962, Jean Luc Godard) One of the most proliflic filmmakers of the 20 th century, enfant terrible: always made controversial films Several aspects of his style, innovations of formal technique, jump cuts, move away from narrative to talk about philosophy, this film is a treatise on the economy of prostitution through voiceover narration (comment on his own film) Films have a theme of Marxist analysis, politically dissecting aspects of French society, class, gender relations, etc. Self-reflexive with a meditation on filmmaking Passion (1982, Godard) In the late ‘60s move into the Maoist perspective, making propaganda tracts, dissolves persona into a collective, director is no longer artistic presence Mid ‘70s, traditional narrative with autobiographical elements, after phase, still draws controversy Very self-reflexive film about a director making a film series about famous paintings No script was used, it was started by the images and then the script came later, improvisation is
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4-19-07 French Cinema after 1960 - French Cinema after 1960...

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