4-3-07 European vs. Hollywood Cinema

4-3-07 European vs. Hollywood Cinema - April 3, 2007...

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April 3, 2007 European vs. Hollywood Cinema Two moments- 1950s-1960s European Art Cinema started showing up in America 1990s Growth of the E.U. and fall of the Soviet Union Conceptualized as opposite forms- different ways of production, different systems of representation, differences in the expectations of the audience, film economies and culture in general Europe struggled after WWII against American Hollywood hegemony Group of polarities Production international v. national: Hollywood makes movies for international market, Europeans have made films for national audiences factory system/monopoly v. cottage system: no studio system or monopolistic practices in Europe, companies are much smaller, more focused on individual directors genre v. non-generic art: works of auteurs not genre conventions producer system v. auteurism: producers controlled all aspects, but in Europe film is more director-centric star system v. director as a star: films are not organized around stars, the director becomes the star How films create meaning Focused on plot/action v. more interest in ideas: Hollywood constructs space to appear realistic, European films ask of an audience to part of a production
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4-3-07 European vs. Hollywood Cinema - April 3, 2007...

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