4-5-07 Cinema in Spain & Luis Buñuel

4-5-07 Cinema in Spain & Luis...

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Unformatted text preview: Cinema in Spain & Luis Buuel 5 April 2007 Art cinema did not arrive until Spain became a democracy after WWII LArrivee dun Train a La Ciotat (Lumiere) May 5, 1895: first exhibition of film in Spain (Lumiere films) 1897- first Spanish film Le Spectre Rouge (1907, Segundo de Chomon) Fantasy films for Pathe that made him the first internationally renowned Spanish director Came from actualities, just setting up camera and filming life La Hermana San Sulpicio (1927, Florian Rey) Barcelona becomes the center of the Spanish film industry Historical epics dominated up to the 60s, started by Rey Before entering industry he was a lawyer/journalist, after a strike he went into acting and then later directing Transition from silent to sound, Spanish films were made in Hollywood or France, it had to be recorded in that language and have to reshoot the film, no postsynchonization Un chien Andalou (1929, Luis Buuel) Avant-garde film, one of the most important, made in conjunction with Dali Sound film came in about 1932 Las Hurdes (1933, Luis Buuel) Provocative documentary that has surrealist tendencies, focuses on the suffering of a group of...
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4-5-07 Cinema in Spain & Luis...

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