4-10-07 Italy Neo-Realism

4-10-07 Italy Neo-Realism - Italy: Neo-Realism 10 April...

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Italy: Neo-Realism 10 April 2007 Major force in Europe for over a hundred, went into decline in the 1920s, under Mussolini (fascism) the state controlled the industry End of fascism, a remarkable school of film called neo-realism, dominant in art, not genre Theoretical program in which films were made, real places, amateur actors, documentary techniques, “torn from life” Numerous Italian auteurs after this movement became dominant in the international scene 1945-1955- neo-realism Cretinetti alias André Deed alias André Chapais Companies achieved quantity and quality in the beginning and sold them abroad Comedies were the dominant form, simple slapstick, grotesque, fast and dangerous French comedian, strong anti-establishment streak Routines came from French vaudeville similar to comedians like Max Linder Quo Vadis? (1912, Enrico Guazzoni)/ Cabiria (1914, Giovanni Pastrone) Historical epics were popular internationally, hugely successful Lavish sets on locations of antiquities, long films that influenced American filmmakers Wave came to about an end in WWI, distribution patterns were in disarray The Italian industry starts a slow decline Machista, black actor who made sword and sandal epics Rhapsodia Santanica (1915, Nino Oxilia) with Lydia Borelli Diva drama, melodramas, women take over the screen Instead of casts of thousands, often tragedies of women concerned with destiny Sophisticated trendsetters or suffering working class Francesca Bertini was the most famous, incredibly popular
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4-10-07 Italy Neo-Realism - Italy: Neo-Realism 10 April...

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