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Ted Nitschke 02/06/07 vbrook@earthlink.net “Jiggle TV” and the two Marys Networks restricted to 15 hours a week of their own programming in primetime (no prior restriction) Nixon administration held issue with a perceived liberal bias in news as well as outside pressure to study the effects of violence in television on kids In 1972, Surgeon General indicated that there is a direct correlation between violence in media and reality Co-optation, compromise, reoriented, and confrontational issues of gender in television Vaudeville “Dumb Dora” character (Lucy) dutiful housewife (Father Knows Best) Single women in search of marriage 60’s fantasy sitcom negotiates proto-liberated women by giving them superpowers (but they have to be contained) ”Jane Bond” working woman/single mother ’70s Charlie’s Angels Sexualized group of women providing a feminist direction contained within objectification Bimodal appeal- for both men and women in different ways ABC known for a youth audience, weaker of the three networks, started the Fred Silverman era
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2-6-07 - Ted Nitschke 02/06/07 vbrook@earthlink.net...

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