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2-8-07 - neutralizing/capitalized Manufacturing a product...

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No. 882 Scantron/Blue Book/No. 2 Pencil—Midterm Setting it in New York, Main Characters who are Jewish, had mustaches, or were divorced (4 no’s in sitcoms)—became outdated by the 1970s Network “All needs satisfied…” Low/Mass Culture theory Corporate capitalism is the utopian ideal and historical endpoint (variation/turnaround from Marx) Hollywood’s business element will determine its output, leads to limitations in the type of product; orientation away for quality towards profitability Economic interests are interlocked to the “board of directors” Means of legitimacy, while at the same time co-opting the opposition and
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Unformatted text preview: neutralizing/capitalized Manufacturing a product as opposed to creating something Culture (which has an element of change) takes back seat to static mass Use of alliteration draws attention to the self-reflexive literate language Sybillance- snakiness Brechtian- stepping back and leaving character Television is brainwashing the public, corrupting the people who run it You now have access to the Mexican Internet Legal arm looking for things to censor, fairness doctrine Women are shown as masculine without feelings like the guy above “Hi I’m the commie ass [Negro]”...
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