2-15-07 - 2/15/07 The malaise, decline in American empire,...

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Unformatted text preview: 2/15/07 The malaise, decline in American empire, dissatisfaction with government, OPEC crisis/Vietnam Became dependent on other, no longer self-sufficient, stagflation, Watergate, Nixons resignation High rate of divorce, challenges to categorical norms, end of nuclear family Iran hostage crisis in late 1970s, leading to crisis of confidence speech (Carter emphasizes the negative) 1979, Jerry Brown- reduced expectations Sense of failure and impotence throughout time period The Culture of Narcissism- Christopher Lash: termed this to be the me decade Leads to the Reagan revolution, which tries to change a lot of these problems with optimism Backlash to the progressive elements that came out of the 60s, angry white male backlash The government becomes the main enemy, emphasizing individual and private enterprise Television industry in transitional phaserise of the cable technology/networks Cable was available from the beginning in 1948- alternative transition mode that couldnt get...
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