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2-20-07 - and cable networks(could prevent some competition...

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Film 110A 2/20/07 Paradigm Shift #4: The Post-Classical Network Era (MID-1980s) The Cable revolution- competitor to the network in programming VCR becomes major competitor, later saved Hollywood industry Remote control becomes technological advance—adds more versatility/ease Increase in independent stations- satellite-driven superstations Network share drops from 90 to 65 percent, late ‘90s below 50 percent Counterstrategies—media conglomeration (Reagan allowing mergers) 1985, all three networks purchased by outside companies 1986, biggest production companies (worldvision with spelling/Goldberg and lorimar with telepictures) Reaganism, transregulation fosters advances Benefit of synergy/convergence is that it increases profits and advertise for one another Tight diversification v. loose diversification (companies purchased to connect in business synergy) Cable industry is deregulated, out of this comes no restriction on ownership between networks
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Unformatted text preview: and cable networks (could prevent some competition) One cable system can monopolize a certain area- Cable Deregulation Act of 1984 20 th Century Fox purchased by Murdoch in 1985, creates first new network since ‘50s- FOX Made it based on aggressive counterprogramming strategy Studios could now start or buyout networks, once again combining exhibition and production, Paramount decrees would no longer be enforced Universal stepped in and started buying theaters, total breakdown of decrees Networks now allowed to expand their ownership of stations (affiliates) mainly in the large cities (O&O’s owned and operated stations) the amount of commercial time could be increased and make up for some of the losses they were accruing based on competition from cable...
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