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2-22-07 - Larger screen television could display the more...

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February 22, 2007 Authentic in authenticity- All in the Family, openly displaying its nonreality Shows were given a longer time to establish themselves—shows could stay on the air because of letter writing campaigns and acknowledgement by the Television Academy through Emmys Actively misreading, encoded in a way that the suits the viewers’ purposes Televisual aspects tries to hyperconscious/self-conscious style, bringing in film style to the Videography v. filmography, viewer is thought to be intelligent enough to break it down Structural inversion, form over content, style/image over substance Industrial Context-- Culture of production
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Unformatted text preview: Larger screen television could display the more cinematic qualities of the television programming Imported auteurists moving from Hollywood to mainstream television Showcasing television into a “perpetual event” Narrowcasting and niching sophistically creates programming for small audiences Psychographics come into play in marketing, targeting programming to lifestyle Ethnoracial programming in the mid to late ‘80s from “The Cosby Show” Quality demographics still emphasized with a larger buying power Economic downturn important Feminism= Cagney and Lacey Offhanded realism, sexuality...
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