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3-1-07 - Postmodern era=plastic silicone(computers and...

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03-01-07 Postmodern era=plastic, silicone (computers and credit cards) Pop art movement contributor to postmodernism (breakdown of high and low culture) Notion of “camp”- ironic self reflexivity, inversion of values, indulgence and critique simultaneously Nostalgia Line between celebrity and politician blurred (Reagan) FRAGMENTATION Anti-postmodernist—it’s hard to take a stand in relation to anything with moral relativity Religious reaction is almost pre-modern, rejecting its aspects as well as aspects of modernism “Roseanne” The “unruly woman”- archetype from Biblical/Middle ages, screwball heroine of film Long standing form in female Jewish comedy: The Unkosher Comediennes (bawdy and brash) Excess and looseness in body and speech; the carnivalesque tradition, “let it all hang out” Is comedy fundamentally more conservative or progressive because you can cross cultural norms? Class consideration, blue-collar working woman The Jewish Sitcom trend 1989- Seinfeld, Chicken Soup…
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