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3-8-07 - Lily White controversy 1999 less representation...

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FTV 110A 3/8/07 Capitalist Realism Neoplatoon trend, embraces social issues, ensemble shows: LOST, Heroes, Grey’s Anatomy, Boston Public (first?) Originally a group of soldiers, formed to boost morale during WWII on film on the homefront, ethnoracial makeup, “melting pot,” “democracy in action” integrated unrealistic War films took a backseat and placed onto the western its ideals during Korea and Cold War Counterculture movement in ‘60s moves it into anti-war movie and anti-western Platoon television show: Welcome Back Kotter, Barney Miller, Taxi, etc. Very little difference, color blindness, only sitcoms (about the only place you could find racial representations) Platoon drama: Hill Street Blues brings racial diversity to the drama Develops into soap opera type television like Dallas and then the “Cosby Moment” moving from sitcom and then into Miami Vice Interracial romance added to the mix, multiculturalism and multinationalism Complex narrative, more interactivity, orientated to younger, more diverse culture
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Unformatted text preview: Lily White controversy, 1999, less representation across the board in diversity on new fall schedule, established memorandum of understanding biannual meetings with groups with report cards, explosion of multiculturalism in diversity Whites are still the leaders, but more of an even balance (egalitarian position) Convergence of difference, intertexuality of romance/relationships and egalitarian positing Capitalist surrealism? Idealized view of the world Sot realism- official policy reaction under Stalin against avant-garde 1. Should present reality as it should become 2. Content should be simplified in pleasant manner for masses 3. Air of optimism and something worth emulating 4. Reveals and endorses society and assimilates masses 5. visual rhetoric of the image of utopian dream through virical distortion of reality Capitalist realism ADVERTISING...
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