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5-3-07 British Cinema

5-3-07 British Cinema - British Cinema 3 May 2007 Film...

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British Cinema 3 May 2007 Film Industry has always been the largest in Europe, nebulous national cinema identity due to Hollywood hegemony because of language Financial structure and institutional structures have mixed between America and Britain Hollywood has doubly colonized the UK, dumping films into that market and poaching actors and directors British production companies have trouble breaking into the American markets because of airtight restrictions on international film Henley Royal Reggatta (1894, Birt Acres) Robert W. Paul and Acres were also shooting Kodak photographic films before the Lumiere Bros. after seeing the kinetoscope (documentaries and actualities) Avenham Park (1900, Mitchell and Kenyon) History is often rewritten by findings, as with the case with this company, spectacular films found recently, both producers and distributors to fairgrounds Not only great photographic quality, usually captured local events with the most amount of people possible (people could see themselves on the screen) The Delhi Durbar (1911, Charles Urban) American filmmakers moved to Britain and distributed actuality films, and then started his own company for actualities and scientific films (instruction and visual aids) one of the first nature series, he would with G.A. Smith invent color system called Kinemacolor, red and green filters
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