10-3-06 - FTV 106C emphasize things you aren't familiar...

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FTV 106C 10/03/06 emphasize things you aren’t familiar with, or vaguely familiar going decade by decade, with each decade tied to country that decade was important to films deal with similar issues, but they are very distinct in history and cultural dynamics “The Woman of the Port” girl sleeps with fiancé, father dies, becomes prostitute, sleeps with brother, kills herself divided by village and port/home and brothel united through incest and death dissolves and wipes within a scene long observational passages without dialogue and plot—a huge device in third-world carnival and funeral, uniting two things that couldn’t be together like brother and sister superimpositions, commentary and compression the significance of the port of entry, point of contact between nations self-contained village to port, Madonna to whore began exposing herself to other countries, a perceived threat to nationality presence of second languages and music is a threat music has global reach from Latin America to the world before cinema Melodrama Marked basely by clear-cut good vs. evil Misrecognition of the innocent in the story drives it Threat to the sanctity of the home, drives the narrative, clear the innocent’s name Very little psychological depth, only on the surface Compression of time and space Prodcing exaggerated affect, melodramas take social, political and economic issues and
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10-3-06 - FTV 106C emphasize things you aren't familiar...

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