4-24-07 The New German Cinema

4-24-07 The New German Cinema - 24 April 2007 The New...

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24 April 2007 The New German Cinema Emil & Max Skladanowsky’s Bioskop (1895) System of film that predates the Lumiere Bros. in France, it was so complicated they ended up using Lumiere equipment Oskar Messter (1866-1943) Invented projector with a “maltese cross” which covered the lens for a second so you couldn’t see the film being pulled down (sort of a blur/flicker reducer) Managed to sell 64 projectors in first year, then went into production 1903, invented the first sound films, about 3-5 minutes in length, amplification was the main problem in large theaters started the first newsreel in Germany around the same time Asta Nielsen (1881-1972) One of the first stars of the European cinema, star of The Abyss moved her from Danish industry to Berlin Amazing career until sound came when she retired Madam Dubarry (1919, Ernst Lubitsch) Germany industry until WWI was only a cottage industry, mostly controlled by the French French assets were seized in Germany and created embargos that strengthened German film German High Command set up secret fund to create film (UFA) to create propaganda and in one fell swoop bought up all production, most distribution and some exhibition, created a vertically and horizontally integrated company bigger than anything seen in the world
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4-24-07 The New German Cinema - 24 April 2007 The New...

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