11-7-06 - Senegal Western-most country in Africa W make up...

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Unformatted text preview: Senegal Western-most country in Africa, W. make up ½ pop. 75% understand W. language 95% Muslim, 5% Christian Dakar, capital is major port (for slaves)—colonized by the French Federation of French West Africa-1895 1956- self-government, 1960- full independence (France was still involved) Language group of colonizing countries- French, English and Portuguese Started during the period of independence (usually 1960s) Take into account the conflict of new independence (neo-colonialism) economic ties must continue with the old colonial powers Shared a number of features—not accountable to the rule, orientated toward European cultural model and eschew traditional culture, absolutist and bureaucratic, ruled by an autocratic elite who spoke both languages, trained in Europe Emergence of two major African film festivals and creation of national film corporations (usually underfunded and bureaucratic) Conflict between distributors and exhibitors—because Hollywood films were popular, scaled...
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