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10-5-06 - She isn’t one of the guys she is just...

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FTV 106C Past differs from the present, the present differs from the future, or it gets stuck in time Revolutionary melodrama External fight that keeps dragging on Spurned love, and the death of a friend give her the will to live Viva Revolution, Viva Mexico, but retreating Emile Zapata links revolution to the land reform Last straw is when they comes into the home and takes the women Makes a mockery of the revolution because they are inexperience when they capture the engineer Managerial class of technocrats moves from old order to new leadership Cannot marry Angustias because she is more masculine than him (gender as a race reversal), class, race, rural/urban divide She is an aberration because she seems to reject the old roles for women He represents everything that she is not; find the other half—that would complete her Symbolically it embodies the bringing together of inequities of the revolution
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Unformatted text preview: She isn’t one of the guys, she is just macho—gender biologically v. culturally In cantina, gay man confirms she is most masculine because he is most feminine An older man taps her into the legend of her father The only option is the assume the traditional masculine role at the end The only place they reside as Mexicans is riding across the plain, the process of riding as an army towards battle or from it, village ignorance and inequalities, city too much class difference The cantina as a meeting ground is the only utopian space Ladies and Gentlemen: THE YELLOW GOAT Somewhat unique within the village, and she must transition to macho The role that men play in sexuality—man has sex with female, female gives birth and dies Play to the superstition—if you can’t join them, fight them, representations of the elements that could further the nation’s agenda...
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