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Distinguish between State and Nation

Distinguish between State and Nation - Giles Rothbarth 07...

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Unformatted text preview: Giles Rothbarth 07 May 2009 Distinguish between State and Nation State and nation are often used interchangeably in conversation, but it is important to distinguish between them in order to clarify what we actually mean. The concept of the ‘nation’ is essentially contested, and perspectives on the nation and its meaning will change depending on the source. Some might see the nation as a geographical area, while others might choose to define it as a group of people of one religion. Specifically, Conservatives will regard the nation as a primarily ‘organic’ entity, bound together by a common ethnic identity and a shared history. Sots however tend to view the nation as an artificial division of humankind, whose purpose is to disguise social justice, while fundamentalists might view nations as religious entities. However, despite its controversial meaning, three basic features are generally accepted when discussing the nation. Firstly, nations are cultural entities, meaning that a nation is comprised of discussing the nation....
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