Table of SN1­_SN2_E1_E2

Table of SN1­_SN2_E1_E2 - BBB=Big Bulky Base Solvent...

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SN1 SN2 E1 E2 Kinetics First order Second order First order Second order Leaving Group (LG) LG determines reaction rate Better LG increases reaction rate LG determines reaction rate, same as SN1. Better LG increases reaction rate Nucleophile (Nu) Better Nu competes for end product, but does not affect kinetics. Better Nu increases reaction rate. Sterically hindered nucleophiles favor elimination. Strong Bases that are sterically hindered.
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Unformatted text preview: BBB=Big Bulky Base. Solvent Polar protic Polar aprotic Polar protic Polar aprotic Substrate Secondary or Tertiary Methyl, Primary or Secondary Secondary or Tertiary Branched Primary, Secondary or Tertiary Stereochemistry None Inversion None 1. Trans over Cis 2. LG and proton must be anti . Other Conditions Always in competition with E1 Heat favors elimination Heat favors elimination...
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