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Chem 3BL - Lab 6 Identify unknown aldehyde

Chem 3BL - Lab 6 Identify unknown aldehyde - Lab 6...

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Lab 6 – Identifying the Structure of an Aldehyde by Qualitative Analysis Purpose: The purpose of this experiment is to use physical properties of an unknown compound to identify its structural identity. Discussion and Results : Through the analysis of two melting points, the identity of the unknown aldehyde was determined. The first melting point narrowed the possibilities down to four or five of the structures – benzaldehyde, 4-dimethylamino-benzaldehyde, vanillin, and 3- nitrobenzaldehyde. The second melting point taken was of a dimethone anhydride derivative which yielded a separate melting point which confirmed that benzaldehyde was the unknown structure. It was necessary to make two derivatives because the first dimedone derivative had too many similar melting points and in order to narrow and confirm the possibilities the second anhydride derivative had more of a varied melting point range among the possibilities, allowing the decision to be certain.
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