Psych 101 syllabus Fall 07

Psych 101 syllabus Fall 07 - Chris Hanna Application paper...

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Chris Hanna Application paper Love A topic that I believe that closely associates with me in my first semester of college is “Love.” Yes, I may only be eighteen and just closing up my first semester of college, yet love was one of the main reasons for me attending Worcester State. It played a major role in my decisions and had a great impact on me emotionally. According to what I have learned in class love has a lot to do with chemicals in the brain called endorphins, and people seek love for the pleasure and happiness (Wade). However, things are not always perfect and without effort love may not end well. There are different types of love those we have for our friends, family and then there is love for our companion. Love is seen in humans as early as they are infants. Infants build a bond and attachment to their mothers/caregivers (Wade). As we get older and begin to meet new people and reach our teenage years, we begin to seek love from the opposite sex. The love we have from our mothers and family tends not to satisfy us as before. Not because the love from our family is becoming less, but in today’s culture teenagers seek girlfriends and boyfriends. The way we seek our lovers are usually by using these two predictors which are either proximity or similarity (Wade). Proximity is the method in which we seek our lovers and friends from the people that are close to us. For example, our roommates and classmates. While similarity is the method in which we find our lovers based on their personality and similarities to us. Unfortunately, I was one of those teenagers who needed to affiliate himself with the opposite sex. The reason I choose this topic is because a two year relationship is what led me to decide to stay near home and attend Worcester State. At the time it didn’t seem like a bad idea, 1
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we were both happy and it seemed like we were together forever and could continue that way. However, things do not always work out the way we want them. According to what I learned in class my ex-girlfriend and I were both Anxious-ambivalent, which means we were both so worried that the other one was going to leave the relationship that we became too protective
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Psych 101 syllabus Fall 07 - Chris Hanna Application paper...

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