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Final Drama Study Guide - Final Drama Study Guide 1 Moira 2...

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Final Drama Study Guide 1. Moira: 2. Irony: 3. Catharsis: 4. Mamortia: 5. Mystery Plays: 6. Allegory: 7. Morality Plays: 8. Catharsis: Origins of Drama: 1. 2. 3. 4. Greek Drama:  1.) Where did tragedies originate?  2.) Who was the God of Arts?                        Why did they celebrate his honor? 3.) Aristotle thought that tragedy came about how? 4.) What was the first performed?                  Where? 5.) Who was credited for being the first actor? 6.) When was the first drama contest held?  Greek Theatre: 1.) What was considered the “dancing place?” Roman Drama: 1.) Where did it originate?  2.) Theatres were what? 3.) Early drama was translated ______ drama? 4.) When was the first stone theatre? 5.) Who developed stock characters? 6.) How was improve done? Roman Theatre: 1.) Theatres were what? 2.) Cut the orchestra into what? 3.) Action takes place where?                        How is that different from the Greeks? 4.) Were woman actresses? 5.) Peaked during what century?  6.) What influenced it? 7.) When Rome fell what happened?  Medieval Theatre: 1.) Where did drama reappear after it almost completely disappeared?
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2.) Church wanted to act out Bible stories in order to what? 3.) What feast tells stories through drama? 4.) When did mystery plays (tropes) begin?  5.) What famous mystery play is responsible for the rebirth of drama? 6.) What are Cycles? 7.) Moveable theatres are the connection between theatre and what?                        8.) Came from what? 9.) Towards Renaissance, the plays became used as what between the churches? 10.)What is the difference between Morality and Mystery play? 11.)  Protestant Reformation was in? 12.)  When was there no drama?                     Why? 13.)  Ramifications to withdrawal of religious sanction: a. b. c. d. Humanism: 1.) Was the revival of what? 2.) Exploration of what? 3.) Scientific _______ and ______ ? 4.) Expansion of? Renaissance:  1.) Originate where?                             The ________ and _________ were weakening?  2.) Proscenium Arch is what? 3.) What is Commedia dell’ Arte?  4.) Why do the theatres begin changing?  5.) Moliere’s plays were shown with what kind of lighting? 6.) In what play was the back of the stage higher than the front? 7.) In England, when were the theatres closed?                                   Why? 8.) Who reinstated it?
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Final Drama Study Guide - Final Drama Study Guide 1 Moira 2...

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