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Mrs Dalloway - that he had done it thrown it away.” –...

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ENGL 121 4/15/2008 Rezia and Septimus are making a hat with flowers, it bonds them despite his mental problems Gardens were a calm and protective place (Sally, Rezia’s opium dream) Flowers are used metaphorically throughout the novel to symbolize women Waiting for queen + skywriting were the only gatherings with mixed social classes Epic simile – “As a woman gathers her things, her cloak, opera glasses, gloves, and gets up to go out of the theater into the street, she rose from the sofa and went to Peter.” Snob – Peter uses the word a lot (“Lord, Lord, the snobbery of the English!”) Points out frivolous obsession with class consciousness Life is described as interminable, a chore “She felt somehow very like him—the young man who had killed himself. She felt glad
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Unformatted text preview: that he had done it; thrown it away.” – Clarissa is proud of Septimus for ending his life and thus his suffering • Eyes are the window to the soul • Rain falls from windows in heaven • Windows appear when characters enter the story, Septimus exits himself from the story via a window • Septimus ends his life, lost his “window of opportunity” • Windows allow us to see and connect with others • Novel ends with Virginia Woolf walking in • “You can throw a brick in any direction and find a window.” • The world old is used to highlight the changing world making old things obsolete • “lack of protortions” – Victorian medicine ignores real problems •...
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