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JOHN STUART MILL Father was a utilitarian Utilitarianism – do whatever brings the most happiness to the most people Introduced first motion to give women suffrage His works balances emotions and rational thought Resist conformity in all of its forms Fought against “tyranny of the majority” Wrote “On Liberty” “enshrinement of mediocrity” – our society puts things on pedestals they don’t deserve “present individuals are lost in the crowd” The whole white population in America is a “mediocre mass” / “eclectic mediocrity” In Britain, the mediocre mass is the middle class
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Unformatted text preview: God gives humans potential that needs to be developed Does not like custom at all, is afraid Europe will become more like China No one dares to be eccentric any more What kinds of conformity are you forced in to? Political conformity, careerist pressures, pressure to be beautiful CHARLES DARWIN Controversial SOB Warrantless wiretapping is something that Mill would also detest if he were alive in this day and age Telecom immunity is also something glaring that he would hate...
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