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Euro Sept 17 Class - European Civilizations Professor...

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European Civilizations Professor Zimmerman “Yet Another Effort, Frenchmen, If You Would Become Republicans” Revolution against the Revolution Revolution in Haiti and how it shaped the revolution in France and World History Compromise of 1789 - Initially there was not supposed to be a revolution, because the 3 rd Estate was only supposed to show up, not have an influence - Estates General changed name to National Assembly o Made significant compromises with the elitism of the old order There were large groups of people living in the city who did not like the poverty opposed on them by the elites o Only the male elites of the 3 rd Estate received power from the National Assembly Others had to remain obedient Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen protected the rights of the poor Slaves were declared property in Haiti not citizens, which was part of the compromise between new and old order o New government was not a republic, no aristocracy - Did not meet demands of the popular classes o A wide group of people, some very literate, others very hungry and poorly educated Popular classes were essential to compromise, but the compromise didn’t suit their interest Very much like the people who took part in Shay’s Rebellion in America at the same time o Were upset because the National Assembly limited their power, feudal dues were turned into sellable property, loss of prestige and status, and continued to suffer famine o Third Estate was national - First National Assembly was undermined by aristocrats o Aristocrat support for counter revolution that would undo the entire revolution Austria and Prussia, enlightened absolutists, mobilize against revolution - Vondee o Very conservative o Anti-revolution o Catholic o By 1793 there was a fully armed conservative uprising against the revolution, about 35,000 people including peasants, but they were defeated and lost a lot of lives - Sans-Culottes (Urban radicals) were banned by Compromise o Passive citizens o They wore long pants, not britches, basically workers clothes
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- Many sources of instability result from Compromise
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Euro Sept 17 Class - European Civilizations Professor...

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