Euro Sept 12 Class

Euro Sept 12 Class - European Civilizations Prof. Zimmerman...

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Unformatted text preview: European Civilizations Prof. Zimmerman Enlightenment beyond Absolutism: Citizen and Revolution in the United States and France Problem of Revolutionary Sovereignty Revolution legitimates a new order. What is stopping you from having a revolution against a revolution? American Revolution Causes: - 7 years war (French and Indian War) o Great Britain had a lot of power at the end of the war, which was started by Frederick the Great, made possible by enlightened absolutism New scale of war • Military revolution professional armies • Fiscal military state expensive war As a result, Britain gains more control over Indians and North America - Indian Policy o Colonization of Native American groups Britain, France, and Spain o Could not play European colonists off of each other o Europeans expanded and took more land from Indians Westward Expansion (American)- Taxes o Absolutism is expensive, so are wars o Britain had HUGE debts to pay New taxes on American colonies • Stamp Act of 1765 o Repealed, but it was too late, already politically split • Tax on Tea Boston Tea Party- Popular desire for liberty and against despotism in American colonies and Europe...
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Euro Sept 12 Class - European Civilizations Prof. Zimmerman...

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