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Euro Sept 19 Class - European Civilizations Professor...

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European Civilizations Professor Zimmerman Putting the Revolution Back in its Shell: Thermidor, Napoleon, and the Congress of Vienna Immoderate Moderation: The Directory - After the fall of the Committee of Public Safety, the goal was to make extremism impossible - Since 1792, France had been a Republic with male suffrage - The Directory o Parliament 2/3 always had to be reelected as to prevent radical change, therefore always 2/3 moderate to prevent democracy, because its dangerous in the wrong hands o Executive Branch 5 directors elected by Parliament o Brought police powers to ensure that they remained in power Growth of political police Cracks down on opposition press through police spying Fire on demonstrations Fight political disorder and extremism o Against radicals and aristocrats, who were still hoping that Prussia and Austria would win and restore the “good ole days” o Time of comfort and complacency o Ultimately appoints Napoleon to power and then is pushed aside when Napoleon receives power Napoleon and the Development of Modern Imperialism - France has been at war with Britain, Spain, Prussia, and Austria o Basically it’s at war with all European countries except when it has conquered a country o France called on nationalism in order to have enough troops for forces French Revolutionary Army = defense of nation against tyranny France defended itself and expanded itself To push the nation is to push liberty - Napoleon o Gained prominence by defending France in the wars o Shifts military strategy from defending in the Revolution to expanding France o His campaigns in Egypt (1798) gained him loyalty and popularity in France His invasion begins two centuries of European involvement in the Middle
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Euro Sept 19 Class - European Civilizations Professor...

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