Indoor Snowboarding Arguement

Indoor Snowboarding Arguement - Aaron Morris Argument...

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Aaron Morris Argument Professor Tanner March 20 2006 Ha- Fricken- Larious Why do city officials compete to bring professional franchises to their respective cities? They may be sports fans, but the love of the game has nothing to do with professional sports. A stadium and franchise bring with it millions of dollars in revenue to the city through taxes. (Scherer 2) Thousands are drawn into the city to see the games and will end up spending millions of dollars. This money will help a cities economy to grow by making private sector business become more successful and achieve greater profits. Of course, as business revenue increases so does tax revenue, so the local government will benefit as well. Local governments across the US benefit from increased tax revenue due to growth in their economy because of attractions located in their city. Florida cities peak in tax revenue during the spring and summer when millions flock to the warm weather and the beautiful beaches. Theme parks, national parks, and landmarks help bring in revenue for many cities. Skiing and snowboarding resorts inject massive amounts of money into the economies of small towns located at the base of snow covered mountains. Skiing is a sport for all ages, and millions of Americans fly and drive across the county every year participate in the sport. (Snow 1)
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The skiing industry is huge in the US and growing in other countries. To be specific, eleven millions Americans spent 2.25 billion dollars last year on just skiing and snowboarding apparel. (Snow 1) This number doesn’t include the billions more they spent on lift tickets, food, lodging, rental cars, or other attractions in the area. This explains why areas frequented by skiers are often upscale and designed to handle massive amounts of tourists. Simply put, the skiing industry at this time is very profitable and is only growing. Whether a surf shop in Florida or a ski resort in Colorado, these seasonally based businesses must close in the off season and reopen the next year in hopes of profit. However, a few entrepreneurs are realizing that profit all year round could be achieved if nature could be defeated and one season could be produced all year round. The Japanese have built a giant dome structure intended to replicate conditions on the beach. The
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Indoor Snowboarding Arguement - Aaron Morris Argument...

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