mediafinalnotes - Political editorial rule gives time on...

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Political editorial rule – gives time on air for response if attacked Equal time provision – if a station sold 15 min of advertising time to a candidate, I would give same to other candidiate. Exceptions – idea of legitmate news reports. Guy who took red eye flight, got all air time Fairness doctrine also says we all own the airwaves….really? Can get response up there unless it is an idea of public importance. Access to everyone. What decides if its important? The station decides it, and no one else. Does equal time really mean equal time? They can put it on ANY time. Right to privacy vs. right to know. 1 st case was NY times vs. Sullivan. Landmark case in media history. Poliitcial from Alabama sues NY Times, saying they were out to get them. Sullivan loses. Know slander and Lyble. Also know jerry fallwell vs. hustle magazine Fallwell sued (remember the inappropriate ad in class? Made fun of him.) In the first 3 levels, Fallwell won. At supreme court, Hustler magazine won. If Hustler had not won, it would have eliminated the chance to make fun of politicians. What happens when two amendments collide? Freedom of press collides with right to hold a trial, for example. Reporters want to cover trials. Want cameras in the courtroom. Court TV came along. Citizens need a free press? Or someone to get a fair trial? NY State vs. Steinberg Steinberg turned out to be a cocain addict, killed his son, beat his wife. Bad guy. Became a sensational trial. Became cover of all press. Tried to question jurors, to see If they could still make a decision. They decided yes. Did he get a fair trial? California vs. OJ simpson. A lot was based on what they heard. In other trials, found him guilty. If his trial was not declared fair, would he have ever gotten a fair trial? Without press? Led to discussions for legislative decisions. Media regulation can be explained. From power vantage point, its regulated that it gives power mongers, media owners more power. They have been lobbying and using their influence in favor of people. Why should be regulated because in a democracy, you want a level playing field. When there is a media elite is controlling a message, that is the only message you can get. Its never good to have one dominant voice. We own the airwaves, not one huge media thing. Scarcity factor.
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mediafinalnotes - Political editorial rule gives time on...

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