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Ivan Lugo Expos 101 Dementia and Insanity According to the dictionary, dementia is “a severe impairment or loss of intellectual capacity and personality integration, due to the loss or damage of neurons in the brain.” With this definition of dementia, most people would conclude that one who suffers from dementia could not function in normal society. The person with dementia would be classified as “insane.” Martha Stout’s essay, When I Woke Up Tuesday Morning, It Was Friday , complicates the notion of dementia because of the real-life cases she studies. Two of the cases mentioned in Stout’s essay are about the lives of Julia and Seth. Julia and Seth suffer from a severe case of dementia, but they both still managed to lead successful lives. In Stout’s essay, she also suggests that “sanity” and “insanity” are both qualities that every human possesses. Every human can psychologically dissociate, which is when a person has an “out of body” experience and is separate from reality. Seth and Julia can psychologically dissociate, just like everybody else, but their problem is that they do it for too long. Julia and Seth complicate the notion of dementia because of the lives they lead, and Stout suggests that “sanity” and “insanity” are both transitory phases that humans inhabit. Julia complicates the notion of dementia by having a successful career and being a normal, observant person. On page 583, Stout states that Julia’s career is prosperous. “Julia is brilliant. After the summa cum laude from Stanford, and the full scholarship at the graduate school in New York, she became an award winning producer of documentary films…” In an ordinary world, people with dementia would not do so well
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in school, career, or their lives in general. No one would ever think someone who did graduate school and won awards for producing films would suffer from dementia. In the same paragraph on page 583, Stout also comments on Julia’s manner. “A conversation with her reminds me of the New York Review of Books , except she is funnier, and also a living breathing human being…Her ultramarine eyes gleam, even when she is depressed, giving one the impression…that there is something special about her.” Julia talks like a normal person, and is always lively. Stout also comments on how observant Julia is on page 583. “Those same blue eyes notice everything…The first time she walked into my office, she said, ‘Oh how nice. Did you get that little statue in Haiti? I did a king of project there once. What a spellbinding place!’” The second Julia walked into Stout’s office, she commented on a statue, and knew exactly where it came from. Julia suffers
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exposessay1 - Ivan Lugo Expos 101 Dementia and Insanity...

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