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301_syllabus_S07_SHORT PhyAnthro - SYLLABUS ANT 301 -...

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SYLLABUS ANT 301 - INTRODUCTION TO PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY Summer Session 2007 INSTRUCTOR: Magdalena Muchlinski email: magdalena@mail.utexas.edu Office hours: Tuesday and Wednesday 12:00-1:00 PM Office: EPS 2.104 TEACHING ASSISTANT: Laurel Carnes email: lmcarnes@mail.utexas.edu Office hours: Wednesday 2-4 and By Appointment Office: EPS 2.104 LECTURES: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 1:00 - 2:30 GEO 2.218 LABS: EPS 2.102 (check course schedule for meeting time) REQUIRED TEXTBOOKS: How Humans Evolved by Boyd and Silk W.W. Norton & Co., 2005. Fourth Edition Note: You don’t need the included CD, so BUY USED COURSE DESCIPTION: Physical anthropology is the study of the behavior, ecology, and evolution of primates (including humans). This course is intended to provide an introduction to the field and an overview of its subdisciplines. We will begin with a survey of living primates. The remaining material will be divided between 1) primate behavior and ecology and 2) primate and human evolution. Some degree of familiarity with the basic principles of genetics will be assumed, and coverage of introductory concepts (i.e. those covered in Boyd and Silk chapters 1-3) will be relatively brief. ON-LINE MATERIALS: All lab materials will be made available on-line through Blackboard at: http://courses.utexas.edu/ You are required to download and print out lab materials and bring them to class. NOTE: Students arriving without appropriate materials will not receive credit for the lab . CLASS LECTURES WILL NOT
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301_syllabus_S07_SHORT PhyAnthro - SYLLABUS ANT 301 -...

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