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Initial homework - Geotechnical Hydraulics and Hydrology...

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CIVIL 3230 Introduction to Environmental Engineering Introductory Homework 1. (Optional) Write a short (e.g., one paragraph) description of why you chose to pursue a degree in Civil Engineering. The last sentence of this description should read something like: “Within Civil Engineering, my primary interest is in the subdiscipline of (pick one from the list below) .” Construction Management Environmental
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Unformatted text preview: Geotechnical Hydraulics and Hydrology Pavement/Materials Structural Transportation Undecided 2. Read “A Century of Innovation” Handout 3. Read Chapter 1 and complete the following problems: 1.1 (500 tires, 16,000 lbs) 1.2 (130,000 kg/day) 1.3 (7.28 x 10 4 tons/yr) 1.4 (500 lb mol O 2 , 16,000 lb O 2 , note the similarity to problem 1.1) 1.5 (1.44 x 10 5 MT/yr buried, 1.46 x 10 3 MT/yr to atmosphere)...
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