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CE 3230 Chemical Reaction Engineering Homework 1. Work the following problems from the text: 3.15, 3.16 ( 3.75 l mol -1 sec -1 ), 3.17, 3.20 ( 4750 l for 95% removal, 1000 l for 80% removal ). 2. Alternative reactor systems are being considered to reduce the reactant in a steady liquid flow from an initial concentration of 100 mg/L to a final concentration of 20 mg/L. Assuming a first-order reaction-rate constant of 0.8 day -1 , calculate the hydraulic detention time required for each of the following reactor systems: a) one plug flow reactor, b) one completely mixed flow reactor, and c) two equal-volume completely-mixed flow reactors in series. (11.11 from Viessman and Hammer, 1998). θ = 2 days, 5 days, 3.1 days 3. Non-reactive tracers are used to quantify the degree of mixing in chemical reactors.
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