Mid term 1 notes

Mid term 1 notes - Concentration: the amount of substance...

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Unformatted text preview: Concentration: the amount of substance per unit volume Well-mixed: molecules are uniformly dispersed. Doesnt matter how big samples are because the ratio of one molecule to the other is the same Air pollution during Industrial Revolution from combustion of coal Total pollution output is directly proportionally to amount of resources consumed Highly developed countries produce more air pollution than less developed countries because the per capita resource consumption is higher in highly developed countries 2 nd atmosphere: water vapor and carbon dioxide Present atmosphere: nitrogen, oxygen Air pollutants: variable gases Atmospheric pressure results from weight of atmosphere pressing on the ground Trace gas: has typical mixing ration below 1 ppm More efficient sink processes means shorter residence times for pollutants in a box. Ionizing radiation in form of alpha/beta particles and gamma rays Bronchitis: middle and lower respiratory system are inflamed Exposure time to a pollutant is equal to the time one is exposed to the pollutant In assessing the risk from exposure to pollutants, must identify the toxic material 1 st Aerosol particles less than 0.1 micrometers can penetrate the furthest Carbon monoxide displaces oxygen from the blood Silicosis: inhale large amounts of dust Pulmonary emphysema: alveolar sacs in the lungs are destroyed Binary response curve: more desirable for regulation purposes; has clear threshold Epidemiological studies can conduct long-term studies Pressure inside parcel and outside in environment are always equal Neutral parcels have gravitational force and vertical pressure buoyancy force in balance Air inside a parcel cannot mix with the air outside the parcel Neutral parcels, when pushed, go up to where its pushed and stay there...
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Mid term 1 notes - Concentration: the amount of substance...

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