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The newcomers sat down where they could observe a girl approximately seventeen years old as she crossed behind the bar on her way towards their table. She had curly, wind-tossed brown hair, melancholic yet self confident brown eyes as round as ripe cherries, a neckline that swept into breasts sadistically oppressed by that white blouse two sizes too small, nipples that took their stand even when covered, and one of those waists fit to grab to dance the tango with until the break of dawn or the last drop of wine has been drunk. In a moment her customers were able to appreciate her body in its full-length splendor as she stepped onto the dining room floor. Her waist spread into a pair of hips whose dizzying effect was further exaggerated by a miniskirt that carried the eye down her legs, past her copper-colored knees and right into a pair of plump,
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Unformatted text preview: rustic bare feet. How does the narrator treat the woman he is describing? How does he go about describing her? What is your reaction to how he describes her? What happens in this segment is that the narrator treats the woman as though she were an object. He breaks her down into parts that he enjoys looking at. Nowhere in he description of her, in fact nowhere in the story does he detail anything about her as a person. There is nothing about her intellect. This passage highlights the vision of a woman through a man’s eyes, and proves the objectivity that is there: the woman is described only in physical terms, and all of these terms of sexualized, some even describing how he, as a man, would use her. This...
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