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Discussion Questions Assignment # 3 The following assignment has been designed to allow you to explore a topic in the Communications field and think critically about it. Please select one of the following questions and respond to each of the component parts, therein. Your responses to these questions should be approximately 1.5 - 2 pages in length (typed, double-spaced, 12pt. Times New Roman, normal margins, etc.) and a hard-copy should be turned in to me during class on Thursday, 04/24/08 . Please note that no e-mailed or late assignments will be accepted. This assignment is worth 25 points. Full credit will be awarded to those who demonstrate exemplary understanding of the concepts by providing detailed definitions and explanations for each of the component parts. Please proof-read your assignment for errors. I reserve the right to deduct points for excessive spelling and grammatical errors. ________________________________________________________________________ QUESTION OPTIONS A) Framing and agenda setting are thought to have a powerful influence in mass media. Define agenda setting and gatekeeping and identify how these two terms work together. Next, identify the various types of agendas (media agenda, public agenda, etc.) and provide examples of each. Next, define framing and identify both the similarities and differences between framing and agenda setting. B)
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Discussion_Questions__3 - Discussion Questions Assignment #...

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