psyc - Psychology Extra Credit Did you ever see a person...

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Psychology Extra Credit Did you ever see a person exhibit behaviors of obsessive compulsion disorder or more commonly known as OCD. OCD is an anxiety disorder in which a person feels driven to think disturbing thoughts, or to perform senseless rituals, usually these are repetitive actions. OCD is an anxiety disorder even though these people do not appear anxious all time. They may have a compulsion to perform a repetitive task which they do and they may not become anxious until they stop performing the task or behavior. OCD seems to be developed to keep their anxiety under control. In the film I choose to talk about, Sleeping with the Enemy, there are several examples of this disorder OCD. The film, Sleeping With the Enemy, is about a couple who have been married for a few years and from the outside they look happy. In reality, they are not happy at all. The husband who exhibits OCD is very abusive and this leaves his wife living in constant fear. She is afraid of how he might act in a simple situation and waits for a chance to escape. She finally gets a chance to fake her own death and flee to a new town and make a life of her own She escapes and flees to new town with a new identity and starts to make a life of own. When her husband receives a phone call from a friend of his wife and finds out she may have faked her own death, he becomes even more obsessed. He will stop at nothing to find her He eventually tracks her to the town and is unsuccessful is winning her back. His compulsions even lead him to his death. The were many examples of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in the film. . In the beginning of the film theyappeared to be happy couple were dressing to go to a dinner party. As she was putting on her make-up he commented on her dress. She said she wanted to wear her red dress and he very suttlely said he thought she would choose the black dress. She mentioned to him that is cold out and she thought the red dress with sleeves would be more comfortable. .
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The next scene in the film was them walking into the dinner party with her wearing the black backless dress, and him looking very happy with his choice. She knew that if she wore the dress
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psyc - Psychology Extra Credit Did you ever see a person...

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