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person-situation cont.

person-situation cont. - what I know him to be Applying...

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Ben DeYoung PSY 1001 Essay 10 Person-Situation Controversy The term “person-situation controversy”, to me, means that a person will change due to the situation that the person is in. They will act differently than they normally would to adapt to the current situation. I can’t really remember any situations that I’ve been in where I wasn’t myself, but I can think of situations that my friends and I have been in and my friends have changed. A good example would be a close friend of mine. My friend is a very cool guy, really fun to hang out with. He also has morals that he believes very much in. But it seems that whenever he gets alcohol in his system, he throws his morals out the window, which is very unlike him. He’s done stuff drunk that he would never do sober. That’s why I think this is a good example of person- situation controversy. In a situation that involves alcohol, my friend completely changes from
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Unformatted text preview: what I know him to be. Applying this situation to the five factor model, my friend would originally be high in Extraversion, high in Conscientiousness, high in Agreeableness, low in Neuroticism, and high in Openness. But in any situation that involves alcohol, the model changes. When alcohol is involved, conscientiousness and agreeableness changes from high to low and neuroticism goes from low to high. I wouldn’t say that alcohol is a problem to researchers, because the affects of alcohol are easily recognized. Most people would expect that drunk people have a harder time making the right decisions and to be more stubborn. I think what would make for interesting research would be the affect of alcohol on different types of personalities. It would be interesting to see if a generally happy person would make the same choices as a generally depressed person....
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person-situation cont. - what I know him to be Applying...

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