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History Final Exam - FINAL EXAM Difference in the North and...

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FINAL EXAM Difference in the North and South South – 15 slave states, 11 secede, 11 million people Small majority live in high southern society o 763 families dominated south Sir Walton Scott – Helped start the civil war by defending the south Rural society and economy increasingly monopolistic Plantations dominated but were on a shaky foundation over speculation on land and slaves 4.4% were immigrants Democratic government but with republican institutions dominated by the aristocrats 6 million non-slave owners in south Most people who owned slaves owned only 1-2 3.8 – 4 million slaves Fredrick Douglass Runaway slave Skillful orator and writer Outspoken critic of slavery 1806 – Importation of slavery outlawed. Slaves began being smuggled into the country. - Slaves were made to be dependant on holder - Savage beatings were not common or encouraged 1. Energetic low-land whites small farmers 100-200 acres a. After 1830, William Loyde Garrison & Nat Turner revolt, farmers became strong defenders of the slave system 2. Listless poor whites – evoked out existence in poor land. Disease ridden. Malnourished 3. Mt. Whites – somewhat isolated and single minded independent small crop farmers. Tended to supply the north Southern Myth 1. Aristocracy – refined comfort, uplifting morals, duty 2. White Equality – slaves were always at the bottom 3. Cultural Superiority – Southern Civilization, glamour 4. Benevolence to slaves – lie because slavery is cruel in nature
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5. Northern Conspiracy – South was victim of plan to destroy union Causes of the Civil War Jefferson Davis i. Northern Interference ii. Attack on ft. Sumter Abe Lincoln i. South taking control of the forts ii. Firing on Ft. Sumter Slavery North was commercial and Industrial, South was rural couldn’t operate under same govt. Slavery and race adjustment Compromise of 1854 led to Kansas/ Nebraska Act The Coming of the Civil War 1850’s – South suffered many shocks to the systems Kansas/ Nebraska act o created the territories of Kansas and Nebraska o opened new lands for settlement o and allowed the (white) settlers to decide whether or not to have slavery o Created by Stephen A. Douglass from Chicago Was a pres. aspires Succeeded at everything he did o Take large territory of Nebraska and split it into two states o Let slavery be decided on by popular sovereignty 36 degree 30’ parallel had to be removed Result o Republican Party o Whig party disintegration o War in Kansas – bleeding kansas Breacher’s bibles – passed the collection plate at church to buy guns Pro –slavery Missouri crossed in to Kansas to win the slavery vote John Brown – bitter anti-slavest. Potomac creek-slaughtered 6 people on assumption they
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History Final Exam - FINAL EXAM Difference in the North and...

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